Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Lake Winnipeg Ship Wreck

Story by unspecified Tribune reporter

Barney Anderson, 35, and Sam Oberg, 29, are drowned

Captain Lars Magnus Burgstrom 1858-1938

Original sketch by Karen Hjorleifson Clarke
(Great GrandDaughter)

Capt. L.M.Bergstrom, skipper of the "Thor" wrecked in a gale on Lake Winnipeg, who was adrift on the upturned keel of the boat for 30 hours before he was washed ashore late Monday at Grand Beach. Two companions, Barney Anderson, 35, and Sam Oberg,29, were drowned. Capt. Bergstrom arrived in Winnipeg last night,(Tuesday) and is resting at the home of his daughter, 446 King Edward street, St.James.

Battered by the waves and winds of Lake Winnipeg, while for 30 hours he clung to the keel of his upturned boat, Captain L.M.Bergstrom, 70 years of age, a veteran of the sea, stumbled into Grand Beach late Monday afternoon with news of the wreck of his ship and the drowning of two companions.
Barney Anderson, 35 years of age, a native of Winnipeg Beach, and Sam Oberg, 29, of Elfrost Saskatchewan, were drowned in the wreck while the old man held to the craft.
The three were bound from Grand Beach to Pine Falls when Bergstrom's boat, the "Thor" was caught in a squall and went over.
Anderson and Oberg are believed to have been trapped in the rigging and (unintelligible) gone to the bottom without a chance to save themselves. Neither could swim.
Bergstrom was cast upon the barren beach of Ironwood Point, eight miles north of the beach resort. He had lashed himself to the wreckage before the icy waters of the lake numbed him into unconsciousness.
Will Recover
Then when the early sun of Monday warmed him into life again he stumbled and crawled in a half conscious state to the nearest civilization.
He will recover. The three men set sail at noon Saturday with the well wishes of a host of friends and after much teasing about the three "Hardy Norsemen"
Scarcely were they out of sight of the shore, according to the story told to The Tribune today by Capt. Bergstrom, than the Thor was caught up in a gusty wind and turned over into the choppy waters.
He did not see Oberg or Anderson again.

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